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Our Story

Melanie and Jake Eelman, rooted in Nova Scotia’s farming, returned from central Canada with a dream. In 2017, they transformed 21 acres in the Annapolis Valley into Beausoleil Farmstead, a name inspired by the land’s natural radiance. Their boutique cidery and winery, born from sustainable practices and cellar innovation, now flourishes with unique grape varieties and heirloom apples—a testament to the Eelman family’s commitment to their heritage and the art of fine ciders and wines.

Discover Beausoleil: A Visual Journey

Explore our passion, our place, and our promise through the eyes of our founders.

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Our Philosophy: Sustainable & Inventive

Guided by sustainable farming principles and a flair for cellar experimentation, every bottle from Beausoleil is a testament to our philosophy. We believe in the harmony of nature and nurture, crafting beverages that reflect the iconic Annapolis Valley flavors – refreshing, aromatic, and true expressions of our terroir​

The Beausoleil Experience: Stay, Sip, and Savour

Beyond the bottle, Beausoleil offers an experience like no other. Stay in our modern vacation rental nestled within our working vineyard. Breathtaking views, peaceful walks through the vines, and a personal connection with the winemaking process await our guests. It’s not just a visit; it’s an immersion into the lifestyle of a boutique winery, where every detail is curated with care and every interaction is intimate​.

Hear From Our Visitors

We visited Beausoleil on a whim and we are so glad we did, we met the owners who were incredibly friendly, knowledgable and enthusiastic about their vinous ciders. The mix of wine and ciders is something we’ve never experienced and it was glorious! The farm has such a beautiful setting and we wouldn’t hesitate to visit again- don’t miss!

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